Saucy French Postcards – Cartes Postales

I found a collection of these postcards at a car boot sale (vide grenier – empty loft) with lots of double entendres about hunting – this one says something along the lines of you hunt the quail …. she the pigeon…….?

This one says something like

Illustrator ‘Farriere’ This one says something like you chase the quail …she the pigeon

Saucy French postcard

Illustrator ‘Farriere’ – something about hunting down evil thoughts!


Too much to translate here!

Illustrator 'Alexandre'

Illustrator ‘Alexandre’

If anyone can help with better translations please let me know! – thanks


How to eat fresh sardines……

Fresh sardines dusted in season flour

Fresh sardines dusted in seasoned flour

You can buy these lovely fresh sardines from E.Leclerc the French supermarket really cheaply for less than 5 euros per kilo. Absolutely delicious just pan fried on one of those ridged pans.

Sardines looking strangely weird but delicious!

Sardines looking strangely weird – half way through the cooking process – delicious!

This was the first time I’d cooked sardines, since then I’ve got better at removing the bones! Really simple meal with crusty bread and local white, slightly fizzy, Gaillac Perlé wine. Here’s a link to the wine for a good description of what that tastes like:

How to eat lovely fat juicy French tomatoes

Tomatoes ready for grilling

Tomatoes ready for grilling

‘Tis now the season for using up all those delicious juicy French tomatoes that are all over the markets. I stuffed these with breadcrumbs (made from day old artisan rye bread) anchovies and their oil, slices of young garlic with a bit of duck fat dolloped on top and a sprinkling of herbs de Provence.

And a squeeze of lemon...

And a squeeze of lemon…

Bon Appétit!

Dogsitting Teddy the dog………

Teddy,  reclining

Teddy, reclining after a hard day following me to the fridge and back

We’ve been dogsitting Teddy – he had a lovely time and we enjoyed the dog company. Here he his –  the lovely Teddy, more like a little barrel than a teddy bear. He’s doing really well at 98 dog years old. Likes: the fridge and all things associated with its contents

Teddy looking a bit grey round the muzzle

Teddy looking a bit grey round the muzzle

Teddy waiting for the next morsel

Teddy waiting for the next morsel

Vintage Catholic medals

Vintage Catholic medals on rusty old safety pin

Vintage Catholic medals on rusty old safety pin found in a little round box – see below

These medals would have been worn pinned to vest (I found them in an old handbag). Worn to protect the wearer and as physical reminders of their faith.

Here's a better look at them

Here’s a better look at them

Pilgrims collected medals from shrines they visited, these are probably from Lourdes.

These medals found in a little tin box

These medals found in the handbag

The wearing of religious medals is a very ancient tradition. The Roman writer Pliny used the word “amuletum” for medals worn around the neck by all classes of people as talismans (objects believed to give supernatural powers or protection to the wearer). Rather than simply eradicating a cultural practice, the Christians instead adopted their use, rooting it in Christian belief and removing the magical connection. (Catholic Education)

Medals found in this box

Vintage medals on safety pin found in this box

Vintage medal of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Vintage medal of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Vintage French Catholic icons

Statue of Fatima - glows in the dark

Vintage statue of Mary – gives a lovely soft glow in a darkened room

Our Lady of Fátima (PortugueseNossa Senhora de Fátima, is a title for the Virgin Mary due to her reputed apparitions to three shepherd children at FátimaPortugal on the thirteenth day of six consecutive months in 1917, beginning on May 13. The three children were Lúcia Santos and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto.átima

Fatima with gold crown

Our Lady of Fatima adorned with a gold crown

Plaster statue of Mary

Old Plaster statue of Mary in traditional colours

These statues (and others – Jesus and St. Theresa to follow) all found around the house in nooks and crannies inside and outside in little grottos.

Comics, graphic novels or ‘Bandes Dessinée’ (BD) in French

Cover of artist Celine Wagner's Graphic novel 'Tangente'

Cover of artist Celine Wagner’s Graphic novel ‘Tangente’

Amazing what living in a new country can inspire you to do, we’re trying new things all the time. The latest? …a course in creating a graphic novel or Bandes Desinnees (drawn strips) held by artist Celine Wagner It was fantastic! (thanks Celine!). Here are our efforts:

1st stage of Jon's comic strip about a journey to Mexico........

1st stage of Jon’s comic strip about a journey to Mexico……..

2nd revision............

2nd revision with alternative viewpoint and larger, stronger images………

No there weren't any children there - this is my 1st stage attempt about a romance........

No there weren’t any children there – this is my strangely infantile 1st stage attempt about a romance between a dog and a unicorn……..

My 2nd stage revision........

My 2nd stage revision……..afraid it didn’t get any better even with Celine’s help.

I was inspired by the quirky film ‘A Town Called Panic’ a film by Stéphane Aubier & Vincent Patar

Celine's doodles while she waited for us to finish.....

Celine’s doodles while she waited for us to finish…..about her journey to the class

Celine is an excellent artist and a great teacher as well. She has a very relaxed and friendly style and was really inspiring. She’s also created a number of other graphic novels. As well as Tangente, there are Zeste, La Patience Du Grande Signe, Grand Roue, Les Yeux Dans Le Mur.  Celine is currently working on an adaption of a russian novel.