My French Year – title of a book written in 1917 by Constance Elizabeth Maud

Book written in 1917 during World War I

Book written by Constance Maud in 1917 during World War I

I just found this book on amazon  and here’s me thinking I had an original title for this blog. Constance Elizabeth Maud travelled to France as a delegate of the Red Cross in 1917 during the first World War. Unfortunately I can’t find any photos of her, but have found other World War I images of the Red Cross in France:

Red Cross Train :

Red Cross Train by H Septimus Power : Photo credit Imperial War Museum

Here’s a photo of nurse Mary Vail Andress who was there at the same time as Constance. Photo credit

MaryVail Andress

Constance was one of seven children of a Church of England clergyman, she was brought up in Warwickshire and educated partly in France and Germany; she often used this experience in fiction and non-fiction. She translated the memories (1907) of Mistral. Many of her books, such as Angélique (1912), A Daughter of France (1908), in which a wife returns to her husband, Felicity in France (1906), and An English Girl in Paris (1902), are novels of French life, but No Surrender (1911) is a suffragette novel, which draws on the real-life case of Lady Constance Lytton (1869–1923) and contrasts the upper-class feminist with a range of other suffragettes. Maud also published on music and contributed to Temple Bar. She died in Chelsea.


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