French Agricultural Show (Fete de Battages) St Antonin Noble de Val, Midi Pyrenees

French Threshing Fete St Anthonin Noble de Val

French Threshing Fete – St Antonin Noble de Val

The French really value their heritage. Especially their agricultural heritage. We went to the ‘Fetes de Battages’ (threshing festival) on Sunday at St. Antonin Noble de Val and saw lots of these old machines in action. See this video below to get an idea of how they work:

Some were operated by animals – horses and cows, other larger machines needed the old tractors to get them working.DSC_0028

The Fete is on every year in August

The Fete is on every year in August

It’s a fantastic event and well worth going to, lots of old tractors, cars, agricultural machines and a great country feast in the afternoon and the evening with traditional French accordion music.DSC_0030The old mill for making nut oil was also opened, fascinating to see the horse being used with the old grindstone. To find out more have a look at these links:


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