Remembrance Day in France – La Jour d’Armistice

La Place du Foirall, à l'occasion du 11 novembre à Parisot

La Place du Foirail, à l’occasion du 11 novembre à Parisot

Remembrance day or Armistice Day is a solemn occasion in France. In Parisot today there was a special service held at the church to remember those who died or were injured in the wars. People usually wear black or dark clothes. The French national flag, or Tricoleur, plays an important role in the service.

The choir of Parisot

The choir of Parisot – led by Peter Nowfel on the left

The local choir sang a verse from La Marseillaise to help mark the occasion. Many local residents attended the service and the mayor read a tribute to all the the lost souls. Afterwards there was ‘une verre du amitié – in the Salle de Fetes where everyone met for a friendly chat and a glass of wine and cake.

The war memorial in Parisot

The war memorial in Parisot, the mayor reading a tribute on the left

The Parisot choir is led by Peter Nowfel

The French flag, or Tricolour is held at half mast

The French flag, or Tricoleur is held at half mast



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