French earrings and Jacques Fath scarf

French earrings 'boucle d'oreilles'

French 1950s clip on earrings ‘boucle d’oreilles’ an  orange rose surrounded by pearls

I bought these little french earrings today at Limognes made of (‘pate de verre’) paste and glass, they’re so pretty and probably from the 1950s.

French scarf

Vintage French Jacques Fath scarf

They’ll go well with this vintage french scarf, from the 1950s. I’ve just researched ‘Jacques Fath’ and he was a famous Parisian fashion designer, who was the star of haute couture and died at aged only 42 in 1954. He was among the three most influential post war fashion designers, the other two were Christian Dior and Pierre Balmain.

1950s scarf

1950s  Jacques Fath vintage scarf

His stunning New Look gowns are investment pieces apparently! See this link

Fantastic fashion photos of Jacques Fath’s New Look gowns here:

He also designed costumes for a number of films including ‘The Red Shoes’.


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