Meet the animals…..

The friendly goat

The friendly Billy goat

We really didn’t know what to expect when we said we’d look after Nikki’s animals, on her farm, east of Bordeaux – here’s a pic of one of the friendliest goats we’ve ever met! He follows you around everywhere and likes a cuddle. But oh so disruptive! Nikki said you have to get the feeding routine in the proper order and “Don’t forget to lock up the goats or they’ll eat everyone else’s food” – well yes they did and chaos reigned, but only for one day I hasten to say, now we’ve got it sorted!

Braying Bertie

Braying Bertie

Now we’ve got to know Bertie a bit better, he likes a really good brush. At first he ignored me but now he’s got to know us. He makes an incredible noise – a very loud and very insistent braying takes place as soon as he hears food is on its way.

The pony

The pony called ‘Vianne’

This lovely natured pony also likes being brushed. She can only graze outside during the day and has to be brought in off the prairie at night into a stable because she suffers from ‘Laminitus’ which is a serious disease of the  hooves, causing tenderness and inflammation.

'Lostie' with Jon

‘Lostie’ with Jon, he follows him around

Nikki said the two goats just appeared on her farm – somebody just dumped them there. They must have known she would look after them, she thinks they were from a petting farm as one of them is very used to being handled. I must admit when he first came running over to us we were a bit scared – because of the horns! But he’s okay.

One of the big guys!

One of the big guys!

Here’s one of the Llamas – also a bit scary at a first because they’re so big! They’re more like camels than anything else, but very quiet and gentle. They don’t like any sudden movements or noises and don’t make much noise themselves. We’re not sure which one t this is and if Nikki is reading this blog “What’s this one called?” Is it Carlos or Pedro?

More about the animals on another post – the internet connection is very slow!


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