Week 2 on the farm……horse coiffure


Vianne, Twiggy and Bertie await the grooming....

Vianne, Twiggy and Bertie await their grooming….

These 3 are getting a groom today, manes, coats and hooves. Checking for ticks is also on the agenda…..oooo lovely! The sun came out for us today too….

Twiggy being led by Stellla

Twiggy being led by Stellla

Stella came along form a neighbouring farm to handle the equines. If anyone is going to get a good grooming then Stella is the one to do it. I really admired her handling of these large animals, very calm, very skilful and very kind.

Searching for tics

Searching for ticks on Twiggy

Last week Stella applied the tick medicine, a bit like applying frontline on dogs, it had to be applied along the spine of the horse and on the bottom part of its legs (fetlocks?). Last week before the medicine was applied, she found loads of ticks, this week – not too many. Stella also gave Twiggy a bathe of her eye which seemed a bit runny, cleaned her other eye being careful not to reinfect, and nostrils too. Twiggy really loved that part and was almost falling asleep.

Detangling and brushing Twiggy's mane

Detangling and brushing Twiggy’s mane

It was getting quite warm by now. Stella is using a special brush and a spray to help detangle the mane. After this the mane and tail were lovely and luxurious. ‘Losty’ the Billy Goat kept trying to get in on the act – so he’s getting a brush too.

Still searching for ticks

Still searching for ticks

The ticks seem to congregate under the chin and in the armpits. Stella uses a special piece of equipment to remove them and then drops the engorged ticks into water to die. They have to be killed otherwise they’ll jump back on the animals and yes you’ve guessed it – cause all sorts of bad things…….

Bertie the donkey showing his teeth

Bertie the donkey showing his teeth

Bertie giving Stellla a big kiss! She deserved it after all the brushing, de-ticking and general grooming she gave Bertie – he loved it!

There he is looking gorgeous

There he is looking gorgeous

Next up was Vianne – she really enjoyed the brushing and hoof clean up

Stella cleaning Viannne's hoof

Stella cleaning Viannne’s hoof

Stella uses a special hoof cleaning tool to dig out the mud around the ‘frog’ . There is a little brush attached to brush mud off the hoof.  Apparently you don’t do this when it’s muddy in case you brush mud into a cut which could cause an infection. She did a fantastic job – All the animals say “Thanks Stella we’re looking forward to your next visit!”


One thought on “Week 2 on the farm……horse coiffure

  1. It’s so lovely to know that Twiggy, Vianne, Bertie and Losty are being so loved and looked after! Stella clearly loves what she does! It’s very uplifting to read your blog, Kay, about the animals and it’s great to see the photos of the animals enjoying the winter sunshine. Bordeaux seems a great choice to spend time during the winter!

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