Week 3 on the farm…….

Foundy and Twiggy

‘Foundy’ and ‘Twiggy’

It’s suddenly turned very chilly here now, overnight almost it’s dropped by 10 degrees. All the animals need extra straw bedding in their stables to keep them warm and plenty of hay. It’s very cold in the morning when you start mucking out and feeding but by the time you’ve lugged bales of straw and hay around you soon warm up.

Losty, Twiggy and Bertie the donkey's ears

Foundy the goat, Twiggy – and Bertie the donkey’s  – ears

This is one of the stable areas that Twiggy (the chestnut horse) and Bertie (the donkey) share along with the goats and sheep. The horse and donkey are together all the time, although Twiggy bulllies Bertie a bit at feeding time and tries to eat Bertie’s food. Twiggy is a really large horse about 1.5 metres. They measure horses in metres in France and not hands.

'Losty' the Billy Goat

‘Losty’ the Billy Goat

This is one of the goats that just ‘turned up’ on Nikki’s land. Someone left him there because they know Nikki would look after him. He’s a Billy goat and Nikki said he stank so much you couldn’t go near him, apparently he drank his own urine – I must ask her how he did that? He’s been castrated now and doesn’t smell thank god! In fact he likes nothing more than a good scratch on his neck.

Gwaai and Sengwa

Gwaai and Sengwa

Here they are – little Gwaai and big Sengwa, the best of friends and enjoying the sun. This is what it was like last week. Amazing how suddenly it can change. It was so warm that we’ve had the doors and windows open – a little bat flew in the other night and was flying around the living room for ages…and Jon found a tick on my bottom – aaah the joys of sharing your life with animals…….


One thought on “Week 3 on the farm…….

  1. Hi Jon & Kay
    Got your postcard but didn’t know how to contact you then Wendy told me about your blog. Sounds like you’re having fun. I’d love to be looking after animals. As it is Im busy getting ready for Jacob’s 70th on Wednesday. Central heating was switched on here last Thursday and not a moment too soon as we’ve got snow now. Am about to start making a roman blind.
    Pam x

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