Beautiful Bordeaux wine……Domaine de Bertin Cotes de Duras

Jackie Bertin-Manke wine grower extraordinaire

Jacqueline Bertin-Manke wine grower

Since we’re in Bordeaux it’s time to say a bit about the wine in this region. We sought out this independent wine grower as we’d sampled a bottle of her family’s wine in a local shop and really liked it.  Jacqueline is holding the sweet white wine they make but we bought a case of their local red. Very full-bodied and fruity, just what you’d expect from a Bordeaux wine. The grapes, are picked and sorted by hand and are a mix of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The vines

The vines in winter

This area the –  Cotes de Duras – between Bordeaux and Bergerac is a mix of rolling countryside full of vineyards, plum orchards and sunflowers. Pity we’re not here to see all the blossom and fruits as it’s deepest winter and not a leaf to be seen. Lots and lots of independent wine growers – you could have a very nice holiday travelling around sampling all the wines. DSC_0061Plum trees and vines in winter on the Domaine de Bertin estate.


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