House sitting at Christmas

Don't work with children and animals....

Don’t work with children and animals….

Here are some of the animals we’re looking after on a farm near Bordeaux. When you’re looking after other people’s animals it’s a big responsibility. These are Nikki’s ‘inside animals’ – there are plenty more outdoors (more on them later). We thought we’d get them into the Christmas spirit (and keep in touch with Nikki at the same time) and they were quite happy to have a play! There is one missing –  the very ancient black cat who is too old and fragile to move around. We just keep changing his bed everyday and he likes a good brush behind the ears.

When  you’re housesitting you can do other things nearby. We went to an antique market (‘brocante’ in French) in a town called Monsegur, a lovely bastide town. I bought a picture with a hole in it (see mantlepiece) and a clock that doesn’t work – I was happy. Hope you don’t mind Nikki I’ve rearranged your mantlepiece – just to try them out. I’ll put everything back – promise!

A good website to find out more about housesitting and petsitting is


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