New Year’s day lunch at Jollity farm…

Pears with black pudding

Pears with black pudding

It was minus 5 degrees here in the shade of the stable this morning and we had to break the ice in the water troughs for the horses. We gave all the animals extra hay to eat as the fields were frozen.

For lunch we’re having black pudding and pears. The French often pair black pudding with apple, but here’s something a bit different. When our friends (and what great cooks they are) Stuart and Sonya were staying here recently, Stuart cooked spiced pears with the black pudding. He fried the pear quarters in butter and chilli and served them with the fried black pudding. He removed the skin of the black pudding before frying so it’s extra crispy. I shall always cook my black pudding that way now – delicious!

H A P P Y    N E W     Y E A R!


2 thoughts on “New Year’s day lunch at Jollity farm…

  1. The pears with black pudding sound very appetising. What a great New Year’s Day lunch! Looking forward to a happy and fun filled 2015 for us all! :-} xx

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