Let them eat cake at Bonsall Open Gardens

Each summer, many of the villages in Derbyshire open their gardens to the public. It’s a chance to wander around behind the scenes, collect ideas and eat cake! We opened our garden this year for the first time and became quite obsessive about preparing for it in the lead up.

More lovely cakes......

More lovely cakes……

No need to guess which was the most popular cake…the chocolate one went immediately

Last of the chocolate cake

Last of the chocolate cake

Thanks to Bern, Kev and Hilary for their weeding, planting and cake baking skills…..

Kev holding back the crowds...

Kev holding back the crowds…

Also on locally was an evening of opera with two professional opera singers Meeta Raval and Oliver Gerrish who have formed the New Georgian Opera company. http://www.newgeorgianopera.co.uk

The Bonsall Opera ticket

The Bonsall Opera ticket

Meeta and Oliver sang highlights from a variety of operas, they enthralled and at times left the audience gobsmacked at the sheer power, volume and sweetness of their voices. If you get a chance book your tickets well in advance for next year – this is an event not to be missed.  Check out Facebook.com/bonsallopengardens, http://www.bonsallopengardens.co.uk Meeta and Oliver were helping to raise funds for the Bonsall Field Barn Project. This project aims to save and restore the 115 little limestone field barns around Bonsall. http://www.bonsallfieldbarnproject.org

More cake

More cake – and scones!

Locals enjoying tea and cake

Locals enjoying tea and cake

It was a really lovely weekend. Some people make a proper weekend of it and do all the gardens, attend the Bonsall Opera and do one or two other villages at a time and stay over in a local pub. Here’s a link to find out when they are all open: http://www.opengardens.co.uk/open_gardens_in_derbyshire.php

Here's the link to find out when all the Derbyshire gardens are open: http://www.opengardens.co.uk/open_gardens_in_derbyshire.php

Here’s the link to find out when all the Derbyshire gardens are open: