French needlepoint skirt with hunting scene

dsc_0214You can find some lovely needlepoints in French car boot sales and second hand shops all over France. It’s harder to find large ones to make clothes so I was really glad to find these ones. I used different needlepoints on the back and lined the skirt with red silk, then used a ribbon for the waistband. I used this youtube link to make the pattern:


Industrial sewing chair covered in needlepoint

Swivel chair covered in French needlepoint

Swivel chair covered in French needlepoint

Metal machinist chair covered in French and Viennese needlepoints with a hessian backing. If you’re looking for similar chairs then the gigantic Newark International Antiques Fair would be a good place to find one, next fair is on 18th and 19th August


Upcycling French needlepoint


I’ve just finished making this upholstered stool cover for my niece who’s just got a job with the RSPCA – (Congratulations Sarah!). Made from vintage French cotton needlepoint with a piped cord edge and hessian on an old pub stool.

DSC_0069 (1)

If you have any spare needlepoints please get in touch! I’ve put some other upholstered needlepoint projects – of mine and others – on this pinboard for inspiration

Covering a chair with French linen sheets

Chair covered in French linen sheets

Chair covered in French linen sheets

Bonjour mes amies! So sorry for the very long delay in posting anything…… we go, a new project that I’ve been working on. I bought this comfortable old armchair at a car boot sale here (a vide greener) and covered it with a lovely old linen sheet, I’m quite pleased with my effort. Don’t look too closely though or you’ll see all the mistakes!

Lovely French shoes!

My French shoes....ummm!

My French shoes….ummm!

I love these elegant French shoes, made of leather and lace, bought today at the Vide Grenier (car boot sale). They look very suitable for an upcoming wedding in January in London! I may have to give them to the bride following the something old something new adage. But if she doesn’t like them…….?

Saucy French Postcards – Cartes Postales

I found a collection of these postcards at a car boot sale (vide grenier – empty loft) with lots of double entendres about hunting – this one says something along the lines of you hunt the quail …. she the pigeon…….?

This one says something like

Illustrator ‘Farriere’ This one says something like you chase the quail …she the pigeon

Saucy French postcard

Illustrator ‘Farriere’ – something about hunting down evil thoughts!


Too much to translate here!

Illustrator 'Alexandre'

Illustrator ‘Alexandre’

If anyone can help with better translations please let me know! – thanks