Cat needlepoint footstool

Here’s a little footstool I made for Bernie! Happy belated Birthday! 


Covering a chair with French linen sheets

Chair covered in French linen sheets

Chair covered in French linen sheets

Bonjour mes amies! So sorry for the very long delay in posting anything…… we go, a new project that I’ve been working on. I bought this comfortable old armchair at a car boot sale here (a vide greener) and covered it with a lovely old linen sheet, I’m quite pleased with my effort. Don’t look too closely though or you’ll see all the mistakes!

French monogram letters for linen

French cotton monogram letters

French monogram letters made out of felt

In the same shop as the earrings, I found these monogram letters. They had so many it was difficult to choose which ones, but I decided on these which I’ll sew to my piece of  hemp coloured linen to make a monogrammed curtain for below the sink in the kitchen.

Monogram letters placed on linen material

Monogram letters placed on linen material

Apparently you just sew over each letter – sound easy enough (famous last words) – I’ll show you the result when it’s finished!

French earrings and Jacques Fath scarf

French earrings 'boucle d'oreilles'

French 1950s clip on earrings ‘boucle d’oreilles’ an  orange rose surrounded by pearls

I bought these little french earrings today at Limognes made of (‘pate de verre’) paste and glass, they’re so pretty and probably from the 1950s.

French scarf

Vintage French Jacques Fath scarf

They’ll go well with this vintage french scarf, from the 1950s. I’ve just researched ‘Jacques Fath’ and he was a famous Parisian fashion designer, who was the star of haute couture and died at aged only 42 in 1954. He was among the three most influential post war fashion designers, the other two were Christian Dior and Pierre Balmain.

1950s scarf

1950s  Jacques Fath vintage scarf

His stunning New Look gowns are investment pieces apparently! See this link

Fantastic fashion photos of Jacques Fath’s New Look gowns here:

He also designed costumes for a number of films including ‘The Red Shoes’.

French Pigeonnier being restored in SW France

French Pigeonnier being restored

French Pigeonnier being restored

Whenever we go for walks around this area we come across Pigeonniers – I’ve read somewhere that the Midi Pyrenees has the largest number of Pigeonniers in SW France, don’t know if this is true but there does seem to be a lot. This lovely Pigeonnier near Parisot  is being restored and converted to a house.

Wonderful carpentry inside the roof

Wonderful carpentry inside the roof

The carpentry inside is a complex mix of angles and reflects the original vernacular style of this type of Pigeonnier, all oak trusses and wooden pegs and now heavily insulated.

The original wooden stairs

The original wooden stairs

The owner is trying to retain as much as possible of the original structure and will keep and restore these stairs as well as the original floorboards. The Romans originally brought pigeons to France for food and to provide compost for the land and the building of a special house known as a Pigeonnier to house the pigeons was a sign of wealth and status. I’m not sure how old this one is.

Inside on the first floor -fireplace on the back wall

Inside on the first floor – fireplace on the back wall and old stone sink with water exit on left, the little oval window is known as an ‘oeil-de-boeuf” a bullseye and you see them over France

DSC_0025The Pigeonnier is being tiled with French clay tiles – I’ll take some more photos when it’s finished.

Vintage Catholic medals

Vintage Catholic medals on rusty old safety pin

Vintage Catholic medals on rusty old safety pin found in a little round box – see below

These medals would have been worn pinned to vest (I found them in an old handbag). Worn to protect the wearer and as physical reminders of their faith.

Here's a better look at them

Here’s a better look at them

Pilgrims collected medals from shrines they visited, these are probably from Lourdes.

These medals found in a little tin box

These medals found in the handbag

The wearing of religious medals is a very ancient tradition. The Roman writer Pliny used the word “amuletum” for medals worn around the neck by all classes of people as talismans (objects believed to give supernatural powers or protection to the wearer). Rather than simply eradicating a cultural practice, the Christians instead adopted their use, rooting it in Christian belief and removing the magical connection. (Catholic Education)

Medals found in this box

Vintage medals on safety pin found in this box

Vintage medal of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Vintage medal of Jesus, Mary and Joseph