Upcycling French needlepoint


I’ve just finished making this upholstered stool cover for my niece who’s just got a job with the RSPCA – (Congratulations Sarah!). Made from vintage French cotton needlepoint with a piped cord edge and hessian on an old pub stool.

DSC_0069 (1)

If you have any spare needlepoints please get in touch! I’ve put some other upholstered needlepoint projects – of mine and others – on this pinboard for inspiration https://uk.pinterest.com/kayogilvie/upcycling-needlepoint/


Chair covered in vintage French needlepoint

Covered in French needlepoint

Chair covered in French needlepoint – I used 6 needlepoint canvases to cover the chair, couldn’t bear to cut some of them so just folded them insteadChair2